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Crowdfunding for the 1st Innovation hub for Students & by Students in Greece

By on January 14, 2018

Mindspace is the NPO of students and young graduates that aims to help ideas escape university barriers and reach out to society. It is commonly accepted that that higher education in Greece provides sterile and mainly theoretical knowledge and as a result university students are not innovating nor experimenting on new ideas. The above above mentioned situation, in parallel with the need for a radical change in students’ mentality and their shift toward entrepreneurship, gave birth to the idea of the Innovation Hub. This project is the denaturation of our organizations vision and purpose, that aims to help students and young graduates realize their entrepreneurial ideas in a space with all the needed tools and equipment and most importantly through an active and creative community of makers and doers. Funding in Greece remains difficult and therefore we are focusing on crowfunding, which will start around January 15.

Members of the team: Joanna Goublia, Andronikos Kontos, Angelliki Anastasopoulou, Grigoris Nitas, Christina Emmanouil, Odysseas Lamtzidis

Members of the team: Joanna Goublia, Andronikos Kontos, Angelliki Anastasopoulou, Grigoris Nitas, Christina Emmanouil, Odysseas Lamtzidis

The Mindspace Innovation Hub will act as a makerspace and at the same time as a smart, flexible, interactive space for co-working and workshops. The makerspace will be fully equipped with tools (3D printers, CNC, laser cutter, arduino, raspberry pi, etc.) and various materials able to cover all the needs of each project. In the coworking space, like-minded individuals and teams will collaborate, make new acquaintances and exchange ideas. Additionally, all spaces will be smartly designed and flexible so they can be tailored to the activities that will take place. Such activities can be workshops, seminars, speeches, presentations, competitions, events of Mindspace, etc. Finally it is worth mentioning that all spaces have already been designed within the framework of the course “Special Interior Design Lab” under the supervision of Assistant Professor Konstantinos Grivas, while a team of Electrical Engineering Students of the University of Patras will assist in the technical design and equipment of the space.


Our vision is to see the ideas developed in the academic environment benefit society instead of being trapped in the university. We aim to inspire students to create, innovate and be open to the culture of making, hacking and entrepreneurship at the Hellenic Universitys. With that in mind, we are organizing various actions such as the “Mindspace Challenge” Panhellenic entrepreneurship competition, which took place in 4 cities last year. From each city, 3 teams were selected, which participated in the final phase of the competition in Athens, the winners of which received € 8,000 in funding from “The People’s Trust” and participated in an educational trip to the USA, courtesy of the US Embassy in Greece.

The Crowdfunding campaign will take place on the Indiegogo platform between 15/1 – 15/2  and is to be announced on their Facebook page & Website.

Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/8GwVBf

Website: https://goo.gl/vntSUF


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