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Greek student-racers in Austin Texas for the Formula 1

By on September 7, 2013

“F1 in schools” is an international technological competition which takes place in 34 countries. There are about 17,000 students who participate with a gnomon to engineer, market and promote their race car that is manufactured out of balsa wood. Each team is responsible for integrating everyday business concepts from Research and Development, Marketing, Public Relations and Logistics. The teams are judged by the totality of their product and the way it reaches its market with the ability to seek sponsors while in development. Every team must have a business plan, balance their budget and familiarize itself with the design and the construction of F1 racing cars.

From left, Vasilis Georgopoulos, Anna Moragli, Christiana Tsantrizou, Danai Stavropoulou, Panos Somalakis

From left, Vasilis Georgopoulos, Anna Moragli, Christiana Tsantrizou, Danai Stavropoulou, Panos Somalakis

The Greek National Final was held earlier this summer where team Speed Deamons won 1st place and the ticket to the World Finals in Austin Texas in November. Team Speed Deamons consists of 5 members (all members are between the ages of 16-17) who have been working meticulously for the past two years in order to be awarded the best mechanical design and portfolio.

Vasilis Georgopoulos is the team leader, Panagiotis Somalakis is the Constructor Engineer, Danae Stavropoulou the Research and Development Manager, Anna Moragli the Marketing Resource manager and Cristiana Tsantrizou the Public Relations Manager.

Sotiris Sotiropoulos, the team teacher

Sotiris Sotiropoulos, the team teacher

Speed Deamons works on a tight budget from moneys generated by events to cover the costs related to building an F1 racing car and performing test drives to providing real time ergo metrics and information with the use of IPads for the attending participants.

Team Speed Deamons is looking forward to the World Finals and would welcome sponsors that will assist with the costs of travelling to Texas to setting up the kiosk for the competition.

For more information their website is www.speeddeamons.gr

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