Launches as the World’s First Ethnic City Guide and Community

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Livethnic LLC announced the launch of its website,, the world’s first ethnic city guide. Livethnic offers users a search engine to explore ethnic restaurants, nightlife, community organizations, religious centers, shopping, professional services, educational resources, media and festivals within their cities of interest. The site also features an online community where members can create a profile, share music, and join groups to become better informed about related happenings.

“Livethnic is a one-stop shop for all things ethnic. It provides a platform to better identify with our own backgrounds and better understand the cultures of others,” said CEO & Founder Justin Bozonelis. It addresses the need for an ethnic community search engine and offers a niche approach toward community-related information. Prior to Livethnic, users would have to visit at least ten disparate websites for the category information and to join an online community. “It pulls it all together. Members are constantly adding submissions from their communities so that the site builds itself out organically from their own experiences.”

Livethnic offers its members benefits for registering with the site. Such features include: the ability to share songs and discover media from various ethnicities, submit and review listings in each category, and create a personal profile with photos to join groups. Within community groups, members can make announcements, post events, receive related email updates and further build their networks. “Members and visitors who seek products and services within specific communities are a unique target audience for businesses listing on Livethnic. Such relationships tend to stick and encourage additional customers through word of mouth,” said Bozonelis.

Livethnic launches with ten ethnicities across three cities: New York, Los Angeles and Miami, and plans to expand rapidly. Chicago, Boston, Houston and San Francisco are scheduled to be added, as is a substantial increase in ethnicities per city and a mobile version of the site. “The model is extraordinarily scalable. The goal here is 50+ ethnicities across 30+ U.S. cities and then international expansion,” Bozonelis said.

Livethnic is headquartered in New York, NY. For additional info their email is:


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