A New CD of Petros Klampanis

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Heritages combine to form on unique interpretation and understanding of the humanistic nature and take on music. Petros Klampanis’ new release of “Contextual” on Inner Circle Music is a refreshing departure from the standards of jazz and is one that certainly pushes the envelope of the tradition of bass playing and jazz arranging/composing. Throughout this 10-track compilation of the different contexts in which the bass can be played, Petros offers us 5 originals of his own. Perhaps most stunning is his composition dedicated to the Blue Cave in Zakynthos of which Petros is a native. In this tune it is made undeniable the knowledge Petros holds for the traditions of jazz, composition, and music overall.

by Peter Douskalis*

A stand out and stunning arrangement featured on this CD is the traditional Greek song “Thalassaki”. In this song Klampanis beautifully blends Greek and jazz styles in a haunting and romantic arrangement. The string quartet harmony over Klampanis’ combination of melody tapping and percussive slaps on the double bass evokes an essence of mystery and class.

The premise of which “Contextual” was recorded truly keeps the listeners ears changing and eagerly engaged through the progression of each track. It was recorded over a several year time span throughout Klampanis’ contextual life in Amsterdam, Greece, and New York… all three of which cities’ cultures and influences can be heard in reflections of the music posed on this album. This album is a statement of the current jazz era and a reflection of the development of a stellar musician. The musicianship and personality heard on this recording is one that will keep listeners smiling and musicians gawking.

Petros Klampanis can be found performing all over New York City and regularly on Sunday evenings at 7:30 at the Pomme Café on Broadway in Astoria. He will also be presenting his CD in Greece on Saturday July 23d, 10:00PM at the Kalamata Jazz Festival. For more information on Petros Klampanis and to purchase his CD please visit www.petrosklampanis.com.

* Peter Douskalis is the host of RadioNEO’s weekly program “JazzCity” on Sunday’s from 6:30-8:00 PM. He is a nationally and internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist and music educator.


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