“Seduction” with
Christos Alexandrou

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Seduction, a new rock opera written by the award winning recording artist, composer, producer/director and president of Kaleidoscope Entertainment Corporation, Salvatore Caesar Scordato, featuring as “Mr Devile” Greek Singer/Actor Christos Alexandrou, was presented July 7th through 18th, at the Gene Frankel Theater, in New York City, receiving accolades from viewers and critics.

In order to better portray the international problem of runaway, abducted and enslaved children, Seduction exploits the classic struggle between good and evil by tearing back the curtain to unveil what lurks behind the beautiful and seemingly serene middle class suburb of Springfield U.S.A. The play leads you through a maze of sexual and mental deception, manipulation, adultery, murder, divorce and scandal.

Starring (in order of appearance) were Vanessa Altshuler (Mary), Christos Alexandrou (Devile), Tyler Richardson (Joe), Aaron Thomsen (Eugene), Kristine Murphy (Maggie), and Amanda Joy Loth (Dominique). Featuring Patrick Kenner (Elvis), Diego F. Chavez (The Make Over Artist), Daniel Pietruszka (The Gangster), Rebecca Magazine, Laura Percy, Courtni Wilson, and Keely Scarlata. Choreographer Liz Piccolli brings this thrilling story to life through vibrant and sultry dance.

“Christos Alexandrou is absolutely sensational as the devilish charmer in 'Seduction”, wrote author Penelope Karageorge. “He sings, he dances and brings a special wit and droll charm to the role. Four stars! The show is delightful, with a young cast, high energy, and terrific choreography. I'm a big fan of the musical -- recently saw 'Fela' and 'A Little Night Music' -- and 'Seduction' was a real surprise in the most positive sense. You never know what you'll find when you step off an East Village Street to see a fledgling production. 'Seduction' and Christos were definitely worth the trip."


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