“Greek Chic Cuisine” from …Omaha!

The unique nature of any cookbook is only as good as its content. Authentic Greek cuisine is known to be handed down from one generation to the next. Stephanie Patsalis’ just launched cookbook “Greek Chic Cuisine” is no exception.

From early childhood, filo-wrangling is in every Greek’s blood. This book has elements of the traditional and the contemporary rooted in authentic flavor of the Mediterranean. Its unique nature is that while offering authentic traditional recipes, you will have the option to “Greek Chic” many items. The Greek Chic tips will help you add an easy contemporary touch to traditional Greek food. These authentic flavors of Greece include dishes like Spanakopita, Souvlaki, Baklava or contemporary dishes like Baklava Pancakes, Gyro Lettuce Wraps, and Ouzo Chocolate Cupcakes. The Greek diet, especially the one from the Island of Crete, is scientifically proven to be the healthiest in the world. This food uses the freshest ingredients making it healthy not heavy, highlighting the best of Greek culture.

Stephanie has traveled extensively to Europe, Asia, and Australia and has lived in various cities from Tokyo to Minneapolis and New York. Along the way, she has enjoyed the culinary specialties of each metropolitan area and experienced regional tastes firsthand, often created by world class chefs. This exposure has taught Stephanie about the similar characteristics of the various cuisines and shown her that a focus on family is truly the foundation of every good recipe.

Learning and loving to cook inspired Stephanie to open her own contemporary kitchen in the gourmet food industry years ago. The Cooking Club Inc. was a solution that taught the busy gourmet easy, make-and-take meals in an instructional kitchen. She tested and developed over one hundred unique recipes for families to enjoy at home. This successful endeavor launched The Cooking Club Inc. onto new adventures including a catering company, a gourmet food retail catalog, and instructional cooking classes for the home.

Yet all along, there had been a growing need for Stephanie to do something more with her strong love of her heritage. Her continued affiliation and involvement with her Greek Orthodox Church and various Hellenic foundations are a testament to devotion. She believes in giving back.

The core of Greek Chic Cuisine is the focus on easy, simple, and authentic Mediterranean diet recipes for all families to enjoy. As a mother, Stephanie wanted to pass on more than just a business to her daughters. She and her young daughters, Athena and Eleni, have tested, researched, and created a legacy with their cookbook, “Greek Chic Cuisine.”


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